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Never fuck with a married man. Because obviously, if they wifey don't want 'em, there's something wrong.
Now about James' comment. "If you know of an opening in a whorehouse, let Eve know". Who the FUCK is he to be calling me a whore? News-fucking-flash: YOU THE ONE WHOSE MARRIED. Don't try to pin that shit on me because you can't please your wife. Fuckin' prick. Callin' ME the N word, which I ain't even gonna say? Callin' ME a bitch? Bitch please, you're the one that was a side dish on my table. You thought there was actually something there? You thought I cared? C'mon now. And don't pull that 'I never liked you, you weren't even that good anyway" shit, because that is NOT what you were saying in bed. You need to get a taste of the real world, and bounce the fuck outta' your fucking fantasy world.

You're all probably wondering what even happened. Well, James called me (yet again!) last night, apologizing his dumb ass off for not calling or anything in about... a week? You know, I was just like whatever. It's cool. But then this dude wants to get all mad and bitch to me about how his "fucking wife is in the hospital" and shit. Acting like he cares NOW. After all the shit he says about her.
So he's goin' on and on about bullshit, and I tell him straight up that I don't want anything to do with him anymore. I mean, I ain't nobody's mistress. Then he wants to get all manly and start dissing on me. Please. I told him up front that if he ever disrespects me again, I'd bust his ass. And what does he say? "You gonna get DMX on me? All your Ruff Ryders?" Mocking me and shit? And then he wants to go on the racist shit. Plus, sayin' "their teeth cost more then my house, I'm so scared". Bitch PLEASE! He is so corny. I can't STAND his corny ass. He ain't even all that fine ANYway.

I'll update more on this later. I'm too fucking heated to type right now. But I swear to god, if y'all ever see me go to jail, you'll know why. Bust his fucking ass, little rich bitch.

Oh, and James? Just remember who'll always be bigger, better, and sexier then you.


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