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Just a word of advice

I've been seeing all these people gettin' into madd petty fights and shit, and it's just fuckin' rude. All y'all who want to always start shit need to just stop, because it's getting old fast. Real fast. Some of y'all think you're madd hard. You need to realize that people lost their LIVES a year ago, and that some families will never be the same again. And here we are fighting. So just think next time you say some dumb shit, because I'm not ready to deal with it. And, if you must be a smartass, bring your shit to someone other then me, because I'm not up for it. At all.

Now that I got that out, as y'all know, Barber Shop comes out in two days. I think y'all will enjoy it -- see it one time to just watch me, and then go back and actually watch the movie. That's what I did. And I know y'all wanna be cool like me. ;)

Any of you who act know exactly what I'm talking about when I say that... when you watch yourself act, all you can do is criticize yourself. When I seen Barber Shop at the premiere, I kept thinking "What am I doing?" or "I could've done that so much better." It's terrible. I don't know how all y'all bigtimers do it. I love acting, but I think I would kill myself if that was all I did. From criticizing myself, that is.

So yeah, Barber Shop, Friday, September 13. And to anyone who may've lost someone, or known someone who lost someone, my regards and prayers.
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