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It's the E-V-E

Aiight y'all, I gotta make this quick. Last night was the shit. Jay Leno is so cool. My performance was ill. I think I might've said "Oh noo" too many times though. Hm.
I usually get all nervous and shit when I go on talk shows (like I was on Regis and Kelly a few days ago), but Jay makes me totally comfortable. Although my interview with him was about as long as my xXx cameo, it was fun.

Tonight I go on The Late Late Show! After, I'ma be on late_late_show with Craiggers again, except a little more intimate. Ooo. So, check me out there, y'all. 12:37.
Lemme go so I can get ready and shit. I hope my people got something cute for me to wear like they did yesterday. Wish me luck, I may need it.

ya' girl always,
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