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I pimp all da' bitches

Okay, don't get heated because I haven't written in a while. I apologize. I've been... busy. To say the least; and plus, not a lot of y'all are updating, either. So, lemme straighten things out.
First of all, me and j_marsden, are NOT going out. For those of you who have asked me. Yes, I invited him to the Barber Shop premiere, but that doesn't mean anything. We went as friends. "Friends".
Speaking of, the premiere was hott. I think y'all will enjoy the movie -- which comes out Friday, September 13. But anyways, we had fun, me and James. After the movie and the photos, we went back to my place. Yeah, gasp. A black woman and a white man. Use your imagination.
Oh yes. I'ma see Jamie Lynn Siegler on her opening night on Broadway with James. I'm not exactly sure when that is, but I think it's sometime next month, when he comes back to NY? But I'ma big fan of Jamie, and all of her work, so I'm excited to see what she's gonna pull out from B-way.
Did y'all know that James' accent is extremely sexy? And, when he tries to be "ghetto". That guy is great. Seriously.
Tuesday, me and murdahmami met up. That girl is everything and more. I mean, shit, she's first off the dopest female rapper. Secondly, she's so down to earth and chill, I don't know how she does it. While we were eating at this pretty exclusive restaurant, these two guys -- E.J. and Darnell -- came up to us and asked what was up for tonight. We told them we was just chillin', and they invited us to club with them. See, me and V aren't ones to turn down invitations; especially to go clubbing. When we were about to leave, chuck_b called and asked what was up. We told her to get down to Times Square because we were about to bounce and have some fun. Black power, my girls!
We met Chuck at the club, and let me tell you... it was great. We were there until about 2. Whitey found some random guy named Kevin, who was taller then her, which was good because.. well, she's like, fuckin' 5'11" or some shit. Much taller then me. But EJ was all UP on me. I was like "daamn", this boy was just.. woah. He was sexxxy. While we were dancing, EJ was whispering things in my ear, and one of the things he said made me think. I told him I'd be right back, and I went over to Vita, who was shoving her tongue down Darnell's throat, that I didn't have that much more money with me. Just because I rap and I'm "famous" don't mean I got the money. Most of that shit goes to my family, anyway. My family did stuff for me when I was down, and now that I'm up, I'ma help them out.
But anyways, Vita told me that she didn't have any money. I'm not sure if Charli did or not, but.. Charli's a stipper bitch. She does her thang. So, we all decided in order to get money, we'd have to do something. And we did. We went up to the stage, and we stripped. I didn't fully, I'm not like that. But, I'll leave the details for you to imagine. But, we got madd money, and that's all I wanted.
Later that morning, me and EJ went back to his house. Yeah, I fucked his brains out. We fell asleep in eachothers arms. When I finally woke up and realized what happened, I left so quick. He's been calling me off the hook ever since. What do I say to him? I don't need a man right now! What do I say?! Help ya' girl out.
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