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Although I didn't end up with any awards, just being up in the same catergory as the great Halle Berry was enough to make me satisfied. Minus the fact that Mrs. Carol mispronounced my name...
I'm talking about the NAACP awards. I would be lying if I said I liked other award shows better. Obviously the VMA's are crazy, and the Grammy's are off the chain, but the NAACP's just do something to me; being a young black woman and all.

I got to meet Denzel a few times, and I'm in love with him. Yes, we're married. I'm also having his baby. He just doesn't know any of this yet.

I was surprised I didn't see my baby chuck_b here. WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU?! I thought we made an agreement to be seen together so people wouldn't keep thinking we hated eachother :-\

Hmph. Don't you love when guys people say they're going to come over, and then hours later you call them to see whats really good, and they've made other plans, and weren't planning on telling you these lovely chances? Yes, I love that. That, my fucking friends, is what makes me seriously think about becoming a lesbian.

EDIT: oh yeah and happy st. patrick's day my irish babies :-*
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