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Grammy's was crazy. I know this is real late, and I apologize. I want to congradulate everyone, and big ups to Nora Jones, who I'm sure didn't just surprise me. All in all, I think everything was a success, except for Foxy grillen me down backstage, like she actually belonged there. I didn't pay her any mind though, and I think that got to her. But whatever, I'm not gonna disrespect. I'm bigger'n that.
Be sure to look out for me in the media. This fuckin' work better pay off and get put out. I'm sayin'... remixes, video appearances, interviews, got all that. And check out fabo's "new" video for his first single, which I show up in a few times, you know. Haha but, that song is hott, so really check it out. And cop his album, because FAB is my man, y'heard!

Anyways, I'm off to go eat breakfast, and see what shit I'm lucky enough to do today. Real update soon...
I know. I always say that.
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