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WHOOPS . . .

I think I'm back. Truthfully, my plans was to stay away from this, but then I realized I couldn't live without y'all. And that's real.

Life has been CRAZY. Madd videos, madd interviews... script readings; everythings just out of control right now. People even asked me to be a Pussycat, for God's sake. Ha, never that.

Bigg ups to whoevers stuck by me, and I know who you are. You're always in my heart, even if I'm not in the community at times. And I know you can feel the presence of me in your heart also.

So, I'm off this. X is on the phone and he's screaming in my ear to stop typing. I should bust his No-Longer-Ruff_Rydin' ass up. But I missed y'all and am glad as hell to be back, word is born.
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