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Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm in Philly right now. I got back a day or so ago from flying out to LA to see James for the first time in months. I missed him so much. We had such a good time -- or at least I did. I always love spending time with him, he's like, a long lost piece of me that I can always feel missing when we're apart; if that makes any sense. Probably don't.
I've spoken to so many people that I haven't in a while. I've been meaning to talk to Vita, Chuck, and some other people. I really need to cut the shit and do that.

I've been spending this whole week with my family and friends, and can I just say that time off is simply fuckin' orgasmic. I mean... wow. I haven't had time to just sit on my ass in what seems like forever. There ain't nobody breathing down my damn back, nobody sayin' do this do that, sign this sign that... it's great. I can just sit back and spend time with my siblings, who I hardly ever show how much I love them. I've been meeting their friends and shit, and now they're the most popular people in school... or at least that's what they tell me.
Moms is great. I really missed hearing her voice. She spoke to James before, and at first she was really... whats the word... amused? that I was dating a white boy. But now she really likes him, and wants to meet him. I think she likes him just about as much as I do. And that's not good, because my moms one sexy lady and she's gonna take him away from me sob.

Friday I'ma chill with Chad and Pharrell of Star Track / NERD / Neptunes. You all know them. I'ma look at some beats that they say I can claim, and I'm sure I'ma like every fuckin' one. I'm so excited. Just seein' them is exciting ... although James is mad at me for going :'(

Well I'm off this. Don't know when I'll write again, 'cause I never get any comment *SOB*

sorry for the unpimpness... I'm tired / lazy blah
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