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I'm clubbin', I'm fuckin' I'm doin it ALL!

I swear, I'm going to murder Stevie in cold blood. Get my Ryders on his ass fo sho. He keeps callin' my black ass up while I'm sleeping. And, if you're black (or part black, chuck_b!), you KNOW... never to wake a black person up. It's just... fuckin' deadly.
Ah yes. I'm gonna fuck the shit outta j_marsden at my movie premiere. All I know is... he besta' be wearing that pink pleather to match with mine.
Oh! So, Tuesday's gonna be the illest. I haven't had fun in... months?... and I KNOW I'ma be havin a blast with my girl. Chuck, no other. Actually, while we was talkin' about doing
the club scene, I found some gossip shit out. chuck_b and kerrsmith are an 'item'. I'ma call them Chuckerr 1 and 2! Oh shoot, gimme the props, I'm the fuckin' illest. But anways, no doubt I'ma get some numbers. Or, unless any of y'all wanna call me up........
I think I'm not that good at this updating shit. I mean, once I actually have something to WRITE about... I'ma have pages. But until then, I'ma leave y'all with this though:........
who the hell drank my fuckin' apple juice.
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