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YES I'M UPDATING woo [17 Mar 2003|06:24pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Although I didn't end up with any awards, just being up in the same catergory as the great Halle Berry was enough to make me satisfied. Minus the fact that Mrs. Carol mispronounced my name...
I'm talking about the NAACP awards. I would be lying if I said I liked other award shows better. Obviously the VMA's are crazy, and the Grammy's are off the chain, but the NAACP's just do something to me; being a young black woman and all.

I got to meet Denzel a few times, and I'm in love with him. Yes, we're married. I'm also having his baby. He just doesn't know any of this yet.

I was surprised I didn't see my baby chuck_b here. WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU?! I thought we made an agreement to be seen together so people wouldn't keep thinking we hated eachother :-\

Hmph. Don't you love when guys people say they're going to come over, and then hours later you call them to see whats really good, and they've made other plans, and weren't planning on telling you these lovely chances? Yes, I love that. That, my fucking friends, is what makes me seriously think about becoming a lesbian.

EDIT: oh yeah and happy st. patrick's day my irish babies :-*

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[02 Mar 2003|11:13am]
[ mood | blah ]

Grammy's was crazy. I know this is real late, and I apologize. I want to congradulate everyone, and big ups to Nora Jones, who I'm sure didn't just surprise me. All in all, I think everything was a success, except for Foxy grillen me down backstage, like she actually belonged there. I didn't pay her any mind though, and I think that got to her. But whatever, I'm not gonna disrespect. I'm bigger'n that.
Be sure to look out for me in the media. This fuckin' work better pay off and get put out. I'm sayin'... remixes, video appearances, interviews, got all that. And check out fabo's "new" video for his first single, which I show up in a few times, you know. Haha but, that song is hott, so really check it out. And cop his album, because FAB is my man, y'heard!

Anyways, I'm off to go eat breakfast, and see what shit I'm lucky enough to do today. Real update soon...
I know. I always say that.

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WHOOPS . . . [21 Feb 2003|02:33pm]
[ mood | determined ]

I think I'm back. Truthfully, my plans was to stay away from this, but then I realized I couldn't live without y'all. And that's real.

Life has been CRAZY. Madd videos, madd interviews... script readings; everythings just out of control right now. People even asked me to be a Pussycat, for God's sake. Ha, never that.

Bigg ups to whoevers stuck by me, and I know who you are. You're always in my heart, even if I'm not in the community at times. And I know you can feel the presence of me in your heart also.

So, I'm off this. X is on the phone and he's screaming in my ear to stop typing. I should bust his No-Longer-Ruff_Rydin' ass up. But I missed y'all and am glad as hell to be back, word is born.

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Maybe this is it... [10 Dec 2002|09:47pm]
[ mood | confused ]

[I've] been thinking. Maybe I should leave. A lot of shit's been going down, and I just don't feel in it.

There are a lot of fucking bitchy people here, who I've tried to befriend, but they're not having it. Hey, that's cool, really. I'm just saying. When I look at my 30-something friends - half of which I don't even talk to - compared to people's 300+ friends, it makes me wonder. What's really good guys?
I know I shouldn't be complaining and I should just either leave or stay, but... I don't know. I don't really know what I was aiming for with this post. So... I'll just stop.

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[08 Dec 2002|09:05pm]
[ mood | enraged ]

FUCK IT. just fuck it ok.

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UPDATE!! woot [07 Dec 2002|03:40pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

I'm really sick and busy and tired so I'ma make this quick.

I'm in love with chuck_b. We're the same person but we have sex whenever we can. I love it.

Thanksgiving I had with the family. After I stopped by Charli's and saw my two beautiful girls, Kerr, and murdahmami. VITA!!! After, us three girls had a night on the town and just did -- well, what didn't we do?

j_marsden and I broke up. I broke up with him because things just weren't working. There was no trust. I still love him, but in a much different love and light. We still talk so its rad but it'll never be the same. Oh Lord did I just say rad?

Christmas is around and I'm excited.

I think I'll try to make some more friends now.

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[27 Nov 2002|05:24pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm in Philly right now. I got back a day or so ago from flying out to LA to see James for the first time in months. I missed him so much. We had such a good time -- or at least I did. I always love spending time with him, he's like, a long lost piece of me that I can always feel missing when we're apart; if that makes any sense. Probably don't.
I've spoken to so many people that I haven't in a while. I've been meaning to talk to Vita, Chuck, and some other people. I really need to cut the shit and do that.

I've been spending this whole week with my family and friends, and can I just say that time off is simply fuckin' orgasmic. I mean... wow. I haven't had time to just sit on my ass in what seems like forever. There ain't nobody breathing down my damn back, nobody sayin' do this do that, sign this sign that... it's great. I can just sit back and spend time with my siblings, who I hardly ever show how much I love them. I've been meeting their friends and shit, and now they're the most popular people in school... or at least that's what they tell me.
Moms is great. I really missed hearing her voice. She spoke to James before, and at first she was really... whats the word... amused? that I was dating a white boy. But now she really likes him, and wants to meet him. I think she likes him just about as much as I do. And that's not good, because my moms one sexy lady and she's gonna take him away from me sob.

Friday I'ma chill with Chad and Pharrell of Star Track / NERD / Neptunes. You all know them. I'ma look at some beats that they say I can claim, and I'm sure I'ma like every fuckin' one. I'm so excited. Just seein' them is exciting ... although James is mad at me for going :'(

Well I'm off this. Don't know when I'll write again, 'cause I never get any comment *SOB*

sorry for the unpimpness... I'm tired / lazy blah

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hee!! [14 Nov 2002|01:03am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I'm back. Show me some love babies :-*

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(Insert happy/sad title here) [01 Nov 2002|08:07pm]
[ mood | confused ]

So, everyone's up with this whole googlism.com thing now. I decided to check it out too, and... I found something amazingly amusing. Chuck, I think you'll find this funny, also. I was looking up what people thought of myself and other Philly artists, and... well, yeah. Look:

Charli Baltimore is Eve.

That shit is GREAT.

Anyway, on a different topic. I'd like to pay my respect to my good friend Jam Master Jay, who was shot and killed on Wednesday, while he was at his recording studio. It's sickening to think people still think it's "gangsta" and "cool" to kill. Hip hop is going downhill y'all. I don't even know what to say. That's why you never hear me rapping about killing people (other than in Love is Blind. But that's a whole different sad story). It's pathetic.

Rest in Peace, dawg. You and your endless talent will be missed by millions.

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'sup ya'll! [16 Oct 2002|04:23pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

Wow. What do I say? My bad, [I've] been so busy; too busy for my own good if you ask me. Bein' something (as opposed to being "DMX's little sister") is some hard fuckin' work.

The adrenaline in my system has yet to stop, and it's made me pretty hard to deal with. Everybody's telling me I'm too excited, but how can I NOT be?? If I was just calm and shit, that'd make me look like I'm not lucky to be where I'm at right now. And I know for damn sure that I'm the luckiest girl alive... to have my friends, family, and fans. I don't want anybody to think I'm not thankful.

I'm thankful for everything I have in my life. Espically James. I haven't seen him in... it seems like years. I've almost lost him. First, he's saying how we see eachother too much, and now... it's been about a month and a half since I've seen his honkey ass. That's the only downfall in my life right about now.

Hm. Well, I'm back for the time being, at least until Friday. Weekends are always busy for me.

I'll be back and I'll update more. It's pouring out, and I'm soakin' wet, so I'ma change. I'll talk to y'all later, no doubt.


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Changes. . . [29 Sep 2002|08:54pm]
[ mood | loved ]

I feel like a fucking idiot. An asshole. A bitch. All that shit. I went fucking overboard; over the fucking edge. The whole thing between me and James? A misunderstanding. He called the other night, Monday or Tuesday I believe, and we worked everything out. At first I told myself to not give in, to not forgive him, for calling me a... you know. Turns out, and now that I think about it, I remember, that he didn't call me that, he said that he never looked at me as one. Because, I asked him if that's all he saw me as. Once I remembered that, I felt like an ass. I caused our amazing friendship to end over bullshit. I can be the biggest bitch in the world if someone pisses me off, and James was trying so hard to be nice and make things right between us.
Throughout the phone conversation, we both explained out parts and sides of the story, and we worked things out. After about an hour on the phone, he asked when he was going to see me again. The ass made me go down there, to him.

I don't think I've ever had such an awesome time in California as I did that week. Sure, the award shows and parties are amazing and chill to be at, but I mean with one person. Especially a guy. But yeah, I stayed at his place, and we just chilled. He's such an inspiring person; he really makes me look at life in a whole new perspective. And I think after this week, I'm going to be looking at life completely different.

Oh yeah, one more little detail I forgot to tell y'all...

Me and James are a couple. We should win "The Most Un-likely Couple" award. Along with Charli and Kerr. Heh.


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FUCK YOU JAMES [23 Sep 2002|08:47pm]
[ mood | infuriated ]

Never fuck with a married man. Because obviously, if they wifey don't want 'em, there's something wrong.
Now about James' comment. "If you know of an opening in a whorehouse, let Eve know". Who the FUCK is he to be calling me a whore? News-fucking-flash: YOU THE ONE WHOSE MARRIED. Don't try to pin that shit on me because you can't please your wife. Fuckin' prick. Callin' ME the N word, which I ain't even gonna say? Callin' ME a bitch? Bitch please, you're the one that was a side dish on my table. You thought there was actually something there? You thought I cared? C'mon now. And don't pull that 'I never liked you, you weren't even that good anyway" shit, because that is NOT what you were saying in bed. You need to get a taste of the real world, and bounce the fuck outta' your fucking fantasy world.

You're all probably wondering what even happened. Well, James called me (yet again!) last night, apologizing his dumb ass off for not calling or anything in about... a week? You know, I was just like whatever. It's cool. But then this dude wants to get all mad and bitch to me about how his "fucking wife is in the hospital" and shit. Acting like he cares NOW. After all the shit he says about her.
So he's goin' on and on about bullshit, and I tell him straight up that I don't want anything to do with him anymore. I mean, I ain't nobody's mistress. Then he wants to get all manly and start dissing on me. Please. I told him up front that if he ever disrespects me again, I'd bust his ass. And what does he say? "You gonna get DMX on me? All your Ruff Ryders?" Mocking me and shit? And then he wants to go on the racist shit. Plus, sayin' "their teeth cost more then my house, I'm so scared". Bitch PLEASE! He is so corny. I can't STAND his corny ass. He ain't even all that fine ANYway.

I'll update more on this later. I'm too fucking heated to type right now. But I swear to god, if y'all ever see me go to jail, you'll know why. Bust his fucking ass, little rich bitch.

Oh, and James? Just remember who'll always be bigger, better, and sexier then you.



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James. (aren't I the fuckin' illest at subject names?) [17 Sep 2002|09:00pm]
[ mood | horny ]

So maybe I told y'all I would update two days ago. My bad, I apologize. But, let me just do my thing now before I forget again.
j_marsden came down on Monday. I looked up his flight earlier and surprised him by showing up at the airport. He said he wasn't surprised to see me. Bullshit.
We drove back to my house, and we just talked for a while. It was actually fun, and I'm not the type of person to just... sit and talk. I tried to talk to him about him and his wife, Lisa, but he didn't want to talk about that. I feel horrible; I don't want to see James get a divorce. Yeah, I like him and all, but he has a fuckin' family.
But anyways, we basically just hung out at my crib. We ordered a pizza, put on Starz, and pigged the fuck out. It was great. James is such a chill person... he's not all up for sex every five minutes. Which took some getting used to. But surprisingly enough, all we did was lay on the couch and watch the movie. I felt like a fuckin' little girl all over again, the way I felt for James. The way I kept glancing over at him while he watched the movie.
At around 12:50 AM, we decided to call it a night. I got into my PJs, he got into his boxers, and we got into bed together. No, y'all are not getting details.
Shit, I have to go. James is whining, haha. I feel terrible y'all, I've done this twice. But I WILL update again soon. If not tomorrow (Jame's birthday), then Thursday. Promise.


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Justa' quicky. [16 Sep 2002|01:47am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I just snuck out of bed to update real quick. I felt a sudden urge to do so, don't ask me why. It's kind of scary now that I think about it.
James is asleep right now. He came down tonight just to see me. He's so great. If only things weren't so fucking complicated.
Anyways, I'll write more on everythin' tomorrow. I'ma get back to bed. Just wanted y'all to know I wasn't dead, unlike some people (AHEM Vita...)
I'm not pimpin' anyone right now, too early. Later.

Oh yeah. Barber Shop. See it now. And check out the September issue of ESSENCE. Me and Sean are all over that shit.

Aiight,one love y'all.


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Just a word of advice [11 Sep 2002|05:19pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I've been seeing all these people gettin' into madd petty fights and shit, and it's just fuckin' rude. All y'all who want to always start shit need to just stop, because it's getting old fast. Real fast. Some of y'all think you're madd hard. You need to realize that people lost their LIVES a year ago, and that some families will never be the same again. And here we are fighting. So just think next time you say some dumb shit, because I'm not ready to deal with it. And, if you must be a smartass, bring your shit to someone other then me, because I'm not up for it. At all.

Now that I got that out, as y'all know, Barber Shop comes out in two days. I think y'all will enjoy it -- see it one time to just watch me, and then go back and actually watch the movie. That's what I did. And I know y'all wanna be cool like me. ;)

Any of you who act know exactly what I'm talking about when I say that... when you watch yourself act, all you can do is criticize yourself. When I seen Barber Shop at the premiere, I kept thinking "What am I doing?" or "I could've done that so much better." It's terrible. I don't know how all y'all bigtimers do it. I love acting, but I think I would kill myself if that was all I did. From criticizing myself, that is.

So yeah, Barber Shop, Friday, September 13. And to anyone who may've lost someone, or known someone who lost someone, my regards and prayers.

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It's the E-V-E [10 Sep 2002|04:33pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

Aiight y'all, I gotta make this quick. Last night was the shit. Jay Leno is so cool. My performance was ill. I think I might've said "Oh noo" too many times though. Hm.
I usually get all nervous and shit when I go on talk shows (like I was on Regis and Kelly a few days ago), but Jay makes me totally comfortable. Although my interview with him was about as long as my xXx cameo, it was fun.

Tonight I go on The Late Late Show! After, I'ma be on late_late_show with Craiggers again, except a little more intimate. Ooo. So, check me out there, y'all. 12:37.
Lemme go so I can get ready and shit. I hope my people got something cute for me to wear like they did yesterday. Wish me luck, I may need it.

ya' girl always,

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I pimp all da' bitches [08 Sep 2002|03:02pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Okay, don't get heated because I haven't written in a while. I apologize. I've been... busy. To say the least; and plus, not a lot of y'all are updating, either. So, lemme straighten things out.
First of all, me and j_marsden, are NOT going out. For those of you who have asked me. Yes, I invited him to the Barber Shop premiere, but that doesn't mean anything. We went as friends. "Friends".
Speaking of, the premiere was hott. I think y'all will enjoy the movie -- which comes out Friday, September 13. But anyways, we had fun, me and James. After the movie and the photos, we went back to my place. Yeah, gasp. A black woman and a white man. Use your imagination.
Oh yes. I'ma see Jamie Lynn Siegler on her opening night on Broadway with James. I'm not exactly sure when that is, but I think it's sometime next month, when he comes back to NY? But I'ma big fan of Jamie, and all of her work, so I'm excited to see what she's gonna pull out from B-way.
Did y'all know that James' accent is extremely sexy? And, when he tries to be "ghetto". That guy is great. Seriously.
Tuesday, me and murdahmami met up. That girl is everything and more. I mean, shit, she's first off the dopest female rapper. Secondly, she's so down to earth and chill, I don't know how she does it. While we were eating at this pretty exclusive restaurant, these two guys -- E.J. and Darnell -- came up to us and asked what was up for tonight. We told them we was just chillin', and they invited us to club with them. See, me and V aren't ones to turn down invitations; especially to go clubbing. When we were about to leave, chuck_b called and asked what was up. We told her to get down to Times Square because we were about to bounce and have some fun. Black power, my girls!
We met Chuck at the club, and let me tell you... it was great. We were there until about 2. Whitey found some random guy named Kevin, who was taller then her, which was good because.. well, she's like, fuckin' 5'11" or some shit. Much taller then me. But EJ was all UP on me. I was like "daamn", this boy was just.. woah. He was sexxxy. While we were dancing, EJ was whispering things in my ear, and one of the things he said made me think. I told him I'd be right back, and I went over to Vita, who was shoving her tongue down Darnell's throat, that I didn't have that much more money with me. Just because I rap and I'm "famous" don't mean I got the money. Most of that shit goes to my family, anyway. My family did stuff for me when I was down, and now that I'm up, I'ma help them out.
But anyways, Vita told me that she didn't have any money. I'm not sure if Charli did or not, but.. Charli's a stipper bitch. She does her thang. So, we all decided in order to get money, we'd have to do something. And we did. We went up to the stage, and we stripped. I didn't fully, I'm not like that. But, I'll leave the details for you to imagine. But, we got madd money, and that's all I wanted.
Later that morning, me and EJ went back to his house. Yeah, I fucked his brains out. We fell asleep in eachothers arms. When I finally woke up and realized what happened, I left so quick. He's been calling me off the hook ever since. What do I say to him? I don't need a man right now! What do I say?! Help ya' girl out.

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I'm clubbin', I'm fuckin' I'm doin it ALL! [02 Sep 2002|01:03am]
[ mood | chipper ]

I swear, I'm going to murder Stevie in cold blood. Get my Ryders on his ass fo sho. He keeps callin' my black ass up while I'm sleeping. And, if you're black (or part black, chuck_b!), you KNOW... never to wake a black person up. It's just... fuckin' deadly.
Ah yes. I'm gonna fuck the shit outta j_marsden at my movie premiere. All I know is... he besta' be wearing that pink pleather to match with mine.
Oh! So, Tuesday's gonna be the illest. I haven't had fun in... months?... and I KNOW I'ma be havin a blast with my girl. Chuck, no other. Actually, while we was talkin' about doing
the club scene, I found some gossip shit out. chuck_b and kerrsmith are an 'item'. I'ma call them Chuckerr 1 and 2! Oh shoot, gimme the props, I'm the fuckin' illest. But anways, no doubt I'ma get some numbers. Or, unless any of y'all wanna call me up........
I think I'm not that good at this updating shit. I mean, once I actually have something to WRITE about... I'ma have pages. But until then, I'ma leave y'all with this though:........
who the hell drank my fuckin' apple juice.

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[31 Aug 2002|01:48am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I've just started to notice how much I need a man. I was watching some music videos on MTV Jams, and... well, other then noticing how many fucking chicken heads are in videos, I noticed how fine Nelly, Ja, Luda, and all them other fine brothas are. Shoot, I'd sex 'em all up. Feel it?
I'm so high [not literally...yet], I've gotten in touch with so many people I haven't spoken to or seen in the ILL minute. chuck_b, m_rodriguez, miss_kim, a_keys.. those are my GIRLS right there. I'm set for life right there... they're the biggest fuckin' acts out right now.
Now to befriend people I don't think know I'm even alive. Like Nelly, Em, Ludacris...
Wish ya' girl luck.

Oh yes, and let me just put this out: Barber shop, September 13th, see it, love it, love me. One.

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VMAs [30 Aug 2002|01:46am]
[ mood | MTV addict ]

Damn y'all, let me just say that at the VMA's tonight - or should I say last night? - I cried. I cried for TLC, for Lisa's family, and most of all... Lisa. I had to hold myself back from straight up sobbing. So, if in pictures after the VMAs my eyeliner and shit is running, you know the real reason.
Oh, and mad fuckin' props to my girl P!nk for getting drunk and accepting her award. That girl is nuts.

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